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GODOX AD200 Round Head Accessory Kit

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The Round Accessory Kit takes a variety of popular light modifiers usually associated with studio strobes and reduces them down to fit on the H200R Flash Head. Each modifier attaches to the Round head using a magnet, which allows you to quickly and easily switch modifiers. The kit is comprised of a Diffuser Dome, Wide Lens, A Bounce-card, Honeycomb grid, a set of barn doors, and a gel holder with a selection of coloured gel filters.
Quick and Easy to Set-Up. Accessories can be used either on-camera or off-camera Offers you a wide variety of shooting options Ideal for Wedding, Events and creative photographers
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Included 1 x Bounce Card 1 x Diffuser Dome 1 x Honeycomb Grid 1 x Set of Barn Doors 1 x Gel Holder 4 x Coloured Gels
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